Ode to Mallorca

Since the lockdowns that have changed our way of life - many places around the world have suffered - but all for the common good - to eradicate the virus.

Slowly but surely we're making progress but as summer fast approaches many places in Europe yearn for those careful summer days.

That's why I wanted to write a poem about my favourite place in the world - Mallorca, Spain.

What better place to share my thoughts and feelings than in the Celebrity Mallorca Magazine.

Check out the latest issue for my poem and must-see Mallorca attractions once the lockdown is over!

you can also view the article online here

Some of my favourite spots in Mallorca for food, pampering and exploration - even my recommendation for your own private photoshoot - all things to do post-lockdown

Food - One of my fave Restaurants in Mallorca where the food and view is equally exceptional:

Il Paradiso

Day Spa: This boutique day spa will leave you feeling rejuvenated and replenished after lockdown

Hammam Palma

Store: This interior design store will help make your Spanish casa #NextLevel

BConnected Mallorca

Special photo shoot: Celebrate the end of lockdown with a special photoshoot in Mallorca

Mallorca In Love

I also wanted to tell all the people of Mallorca to stay strong and her heart goes out to you all - and to remember we're all in this together #StayHome #StaySafe

In tribute to these trying times I wrote this poem:

An Ode to Mallorca

The sun drenched rolling hills of Mallorca bare their soul along the golden summer road

Wind blowing through my hair, the Balearic summer is in the air

How I miss the sound of summer time. From late night cenas under starry nights to the echo of Spanish musica beating from strangers electric hearts.

Of all these things but most of all, it’s the people of Mallorca that I miss throughout it all

That endless echo above the mountain walls and glorious sea filled with everlasting charms.

Days of isolation bring with it bright fleeting light and endless fields of glowing sunlight

Wandering if all that glimmers is gold then how can one be so afraid of this island mould.

They call it the invisible enemy. A virus that has found its way to our island sanctuary

Water gleaming and the taste of fresh seafood on my lips - what harm is a little lunch with my beloved, amidst the deserted seaside mist.

If only the sky was grey, the mountains stained black and the streets bleached in some ugly shade of dark lilac.

But alas, it’s not. The island radiates a beauty that beckons to me, whispering ven aqui con mi

It’s Indoors that I remain, all together in our private islands of isolation

Reminding ourselves that in two months, one year and forever more Mallorca will once again tower above us all.

Until this day, stay strong. Look on but remember it won’t be long until we can drive along that old golden summer road and Mallorca will reach for us to once again call it home.

strolling the streets of Palma with my husband is one of the things I love to do most in Mallorca

follow me through the magical streets of Mallorca

until I see you again Palma - don't change!

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